British Society Deventer

What is the British Society Deventer and What do we do?

The British Society Deventer (former Genootschap Nederland Engeland)) has been promoting cultural and friendly relations between the British and the Dutch for as long as ninety-one years now. We have approximately 70 members.

During the season, which starts in September, members will regularly receive a newsletter in English, containing an introduction to the next event and other useful and interesting information.

It is not necessary to be fluent in English to enjoy your BSD membership. The articulation of our speakers is mostly clear and careful. The conversation between most members is in Dutch. However, should you wish to speak English there is ample opportunity to do so. You will soon discover that being a member will effortlessly and gradually enhance your knowledge of the English language and culture.

Because The British Society Deventer is run by volunteers only, the membership fee is surprisingly low for what BSD does for you.

Should all this tempt you to join us, justĀ  contact us by telephone or e-mail.