BBC – its Past, its Future and its Relationship with Holland

Photo Lis HowellBBC – its Past, its Future and its Relationship with Holland by Lis Howell

Sunday 30th October 2016, 3 pm


Lis Howell is a major award-winning journalist and broadcasting executive who has worked for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky News. She was Senior Vice-President at Flextech Television (later Virgin Media) where she founded Living TV, now a key channel on Sky.

Prior to that she was Managing Editor of Sky News where she produced their coverage of the first Gulf War from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. She won a Royal Television Society Award for coverage of the Lockerbie disaster from ITV Border when she was the first female Head of News at ITV.

She was a television reporter and presenter at Granada and Tyne Tees and began her career in journalism as a producer and reporter at BBC Radio Leeds. In 1999 she chaired the Guardian International Edinburgh Television Festival. In 2001 she attended the prestigious Harvard Business School Advanced Management Programme.

Currently Lis is a member of the Royal Television Society where she regularly chairs the News Programme of the Year Awards. She is also a judge for the Broadcast Magazine television Awards. She is a member of BAFTA and a regular contributor to Broadcast Magazine, openDemocracy and OurBeeb. She has appeared several times on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme and on BBC One’s Newswatch and is a respected commentator on broadcasting.


The British Broadcasting Corporation has a worldwide reputation and this year sees the end of one Royal Charter and a start of another in controversial circumstances. In this potted history Lis Howell, Professor of TV Journalism at City, University of London, looks at the way the BBC works and why, like the broadcasting system of The Netherlands, it is unique.

We will watch extracts from some BBC classics and ask why they are so popular in Holland, and also look briefly at the relationship between British broadcasting and the Netherlands in the Second World War. This talks will hopefully plot the BBC’s future in a changing world, and a new Europe.



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