Season 2018-2019

The Canterbury Tales & Geoffrey Chaucer

Sunday 20 January 2019, 3 pm

Gregor Dijkhuis (Haaksbergen, 1953) studied English literature at Amsterdam University. After a thirty-odd year career in secondary schools as a teacher and a (deputy) headmaster, he now devotes most of his time to his lifelong passion: medieval history, especially the period of the High Middle Ages. His book on Frederick II  (‘Stupor Mundi – Kroniek van een eigenzinnige Keizer’ , 2015) was the first book in the Dutch language on the life and times of this formidable emperor. Gregor Dijkhuis lectures on a wide range of medieval subjects for U3L (the Overijssel branch of HOVO) and delivers talks for all kinds of groups and organisations with cultural-historical interests.

In the Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer (± 1345-1400) tells us about a group of pilgrims on their way to Canterbury. Before starting on their pilgrimage, it is agreed that they will all tell two stories on their way to Canterbury, and two on their way back. The person who tells the best tale will win a free meal. Then they set out. A colourful group of pilgrims, all with their individual backgrounds and their own stories.

A unique cross section of Medieval English society. Craftsmen, monks, merchants, women, nuns and knights….

This lecture provides a general outline of this masterpiece of medieval literature. The characters are introduced, you will get a colourful glimpse of their lives and a closer look at some of the tales.


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