The Housekeepers’s Tips, Tales & Tipples

The Housekeeper’s Tips, Tales & Tipples

Sunday 21 January 2018, 3 pm

2015-01-09_1600Christine Robinson, who spoke to us twice before, entered service at Chatsworth in 1974. Nestling in the heart of the beautiful Peak District and home of the Cavendish family and the Dukes of Devonshire for nearly 500 years, Chatsworth House is perhaps one of Britain’s greatest stately homes. Christine Robinson spent three summer vacations working at Chatsworth whilst a student of history at Newcastle upon Tyne University, and on her graduation in 1977 she began working full-time with the Chatsworth team. Intending only to stay for one year, she, like many others before and since, fell under Chatsworth’s spell and she retired as Head Housekeeper in 2015 after 38 years’ service. She still lives in the Estate village of Edensor in the heart of Chatsworth’s vibrant community.

In 2014 Christine published her memoirs, Chatsworth: The Housekeeper’s Tale, and following the success of this book, she was prompted to write a second book – Chatsworth: The Housekeeper’s Tips, Tales and Tipples (2017).

Her talk by the same title is an illustrated PowerPoint talk taking a light-hearted tour of Chatsworth, exploring the history of everyday objects in all our homes, and revealing more of Chatsworth’s hidden stories from her 40 years’ experience of working at one of the best-loved houses in England.

Christine is still involved with life at Chatsworth, volunteering for special events and giving talks at Chatsworth from time to time, and she also enjoys delivering talks about Chatsworth and the Chatsworth Estate to a variety of groups of all sizes, from 20 to 900, both locally and further afield, including successful lecture tours of the Netherlands and Switzerland.






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